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    NewSense wrote:

    Jim wrote: BUT, we've always been told not to buy hardware before specific support for it is announced.

    Who's the "we've always been told"? If Isochronous support is mentioned as implemented surely it's been tested ... well it seems it wasn't really - so why was it actually released in that state?

    Jim wrote: So why did you assume your device would "just work"?

    Well if an item requires Isochronous USB functionality, and then that functionailty is implemented ... it's a natural reaction to think it will now work with that hardware that requires that feature ... isn't it? Then again, I got caught off-guard, I expected an announcement of this feature to actually have been properly implemented, but instead it just hasn't been, its been "fudged" it seems.

    Jim wrote: If you're that fixated on USB audio, you could just buy one of the devices that have been mentioned by recent posters as functional.

    I'm not fixated on anything - so please don't start slinging "mud", but, are you blaming me for there being a lack of information forthcoming in the release notes, that relates to the poor range of hardware tested, and the superbly inferior likelihood of it actually failing to function ... as I should be able to expect it to work, shouldn't I? Really, Jim.... Really !! Isochronous functionality is partial, it seems, at best, and that is not something to be admired by any of us, and with a lack of information in the release notes, that really is quite poor. You may have Beta-tester access but that does not include many others, as in my situation, so have a little sympathy for those who have been let down by this and other issues with v3.10. I'm sticking with MorphOS, but my spirit has been "dented".

    Jim wrote: In the meanwhile, I'll enjoy my VIA Envy24HT based audio card, which we finally have an in-house driver for. Great work guys (no "disaster" here).

    So, that's nice for you Jim, hey! I'm pleased. 8-D
    However, is your VIA Envy24HT based audio card a PCI Card?
    Also, it's not likely to be added as working Isochronous hardware if it's PCI based, but it's nice that it functions as it should with MorphOS v3.10?
    Anyway, hopefully there will soon be a USB audio hardware list, that currently doesn't exist anywhere, even in the release notes or in the MorphOS Library currently for any supported Isochronous enabled soundcards for the MorphOS v3.10 release! ... but then there should be !

    Actually, I'm not trying to "sling mud", but your assumption that since the interface was supported the device would work is naive.
    And yes, I don't rely on USB sound devices, I thought I made that fairly clear, that there are better solutions for most of our supported system except for the G4 Cube.
    However, if you insist on going that direction, it only makes sense that you buy a device that is known to work.
    You can't expect all isochronous usb devices to function under an alternative operating system.
    And the lack of response you are getting from the developers?
    Maybe they aren't inclined to see this as the 'disaster' you paint it.
    It's a new feature, and I'm sure it will improve with time.
    In the meanwhile, it isn't essential for sound, so you might find yourself in the minority when the deficiencies of the latest revision of MorphOS are tallied up.

    Personally the less than stellar revision to OWB and the continuing lack of productivity software like Office suites are bigger concerns for most of us.

    However, if you really need a USB sound device, I'd be willing to dig up a functioning one for you, if only to end this multiple thread complaint.

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