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    Tcheko wrote:
    We tested a very limited set of USB audio capable devices.

    Well that is not good at all.

    You have many users, and probably quite a few Beta-testers with USB audio cards/devices that could have been asked to test their hardware with this new Isochronous transfer implementation before it was released to us all in this state, and more should have been explained about its limitations, and the likelihood of it actually working (NOT), and which specific hardware would/not work with it, to save me, and probably others, from "falling about in the dark".

    This is all really not at all good ... and ... I'm being diplomatic there !


    Tcheko wrote: Behringer UCA 222 and UCA 202 has been tested successfully.

    OK, I'll bear those models in mind.

    Tcheko wrote: Those are one of the cheapest USB audio device available for about 30€.

    As I said already the testing you mention, and hardware you've actually tested, in the 2+ year wait for this release does "leave a lot to be desired", from my standpoint as a user.

    Tcheko wrote: Funkier USB audio devices like ones that have multiple in/out and fancy onboard features might not be fully supported.

    Should definitely have been mentioned when v3.10 was released, and not been found out now, at this late stage, by me having to ask for such information, that really is quite poor, I am sorry to say. Though I am glad that you have responded to this thread, and volunteered this information for us all to digest, even though it's upsetting my "MorphOS digestive system".

    Tcheko wrote: USB audio support is pretty crude for the time being. AHI isn't really suitable for handling high end audio card that has for example 8 inputs/outputs.

    Yet more information we should have had made available to us with the release notes ... don't you think?

    Tcheko wrote: Recording from external sound card hasn't been extensively tested either and already been reported to fail in some cases.

    This list of disasters just goes on, and on, doesn't it! :-(

    Any good news? :-?
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