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    i put my source code of Rockbot (1.0RC1 or 1.1.1), (same bug in 2.0 version)

    I have a big problem with SDL (i think....), mistake some graphic in game playn and no sprites enemy....
    i see no error, need help :-) (i try to change parameters of SDL_Setvideomode... but nothing change)

    If any developer can try to find the bug or recompile to see if same problem.

    in lha file, you find the binary (compile with GCC 5.3, last powerSDL under MOS 3.9 SDK3.10), you can test it...


    My Source

    You can find Windows/Linux etc... version and source to test :


    thanks you
    PowerMac 2.7ghz MOS 3.10
    PowerBook 1.5Ghz MOS 3.10
    My MOS ports
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