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    BatteMan wrote:

    I like the idea! Thank you for this application.

    I still don't test it but is it possible to launch it from WBStartup or from Shell?

    Yes, it is, but there are no Shell/CLI parameters. It's a bit messy, because if one run it from Shell the tooltypes from the icon are still taken. I'm going to add typical Amiga CLI parameters.
    NOTE: I'm talking about the version on my HD. There's no tooltypes support in Daysleeper under the link above.


    BatteMan wrote:

    And can we have notifications from MagicBeacon every 15 minutes (for example)?

    Thank you again!

    Ups.. have to find out what's MagicBeacon first :-)


    BatteMan wrote:
    /me will certainly write an article about DaySleeper for Amiga=Power, the French Amiga Magazine.

    I appreciate :-)


    igracki wrote:
    Nice app!

    But the cycle gadgets are a bit odd, there is no popup menu if I click on it! And they didn't change if I click on the arrow on the left!
    I just can change it by using the Scrollwheel.

    Its because you set MUIA_InputMode attribute to MUIV_InputMode_RelVerify, you don't need to set it!

    You're probably meaning Daysleeper 0.9.3 found on Aminet (written in C). There's really MUIA_InputMode attribute set. Recently I had few reports like yours and I had no idea what's up. And you have pointed the culprit :-) Thanks! :-)
    The version I have showed up here is rewritten in Hollywood, and there's no InputMode set at all.


    igracki wrote:
    And please add a "MUIA_CycleChain, 1" to use it via keyboard.

    I'll certainly do it. I like this attribute.
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