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    NewSense a écrit :
    I find that the 'Dynamite Drop' defined key = Right Control, is not recognised by the game, and only finds the Left Control key so on level four I cannot drop the dynamite so I cannot go any further with the game at this stage.

    In deed, the RIGHT CONTROL doesnt work....
    i try to fix that.


    I am using a Mac Mini with a Bluetooth Apple A1016 keyboard, but as far as I am aware all the other keys on my keyboard are recognised by MorphOS, so this keyboard key needs to be corrected assigned for the game to play, as I cannot see an option to change the game configuration for this key - unless someone else knows differently?

    You can defined a new key, go to SETUP / INPUT DEVICES and CUSTOMIZE
    You can play with an Joystick.


    I also found that F11 key switches between windowed, and Fullscreen modes which you can do while playing the game, so no need to set it specifically at the start of the game, as you can window/Full screen at whatever moment you want to, which is nice. :-D

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