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    2. MorpgOs Opengl imlpementation needs to call glDisableClientState after every glDrawArrays
    Do not know why, but without it does not render anything.

    That shouldn't be needed...

    For most drawing, I simply enable arrays that need to be enabled, and disable everything else, but then again, my drawing functions are way more complex than what you have...

    As for .obj, I assume you already realized it's rather crappy format, and not very well suited for OpenGL. Personally, I decided to do my own format instead, with .obj converter.

    Assuming you wrote a simple importer, here's where it might likely fail: The format supports >3 vertices per face (quads etc.), and if the model has any (and your code doesn't triangulate the faces properly), it will look broken.

    Easiest "fix" is to check the "triangulate faces" checkbox from blender exporter.
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