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    eliot wrote:

    Jupp3 wrote:
    I really hope it's just this simple test code, and you're not using immediate mode (glBegin() ...) in a "real" program in 2016 :-)

    Ok, ok, just to it right, here is beter example:

    IMHO, using display lists (which use immediate mode internally) doesn't make the code any better than direct immediate mode usage :-)

    Here is an older forum post by me regarding which functionality I think should be used / avoided on MorphOS.

    Here is a short example program I wrote, that uses the functionality I'd recommend.

    Since then, VBO support has been added to TinyGL, and can be used for some (potential) extra speed. It's built "on top of" vertex arrays, so not much has to be changed.

    Here is a small follow up regarding error handling, as some people thought that assert(!glGetError()); was too extreme (even as this was just a small example code). As said, out of memory error is not (necessarily) a coder error. Everything else is.

    And as said, almost everything works quite differently with shaders. Sadly, we're not there yet...
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