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    ALB42 wrote:

    Thanks for your comments, but I'm not sure it will really become a (releaseable) program. In the end the most will use the Openstreetmap.org in Webbrowser, which I got as comment already: "Useless work, one can just use MorphOS Webbrowser".

    All major desktop operating systems (i.e. Windows and MacOS) include dedicated map applications so I am sure someone is using them (I know I have). In terms of memory consumption (and startup time), I would assume your app is more efficient than a full-blown web browser.


    And of course, and thats the only reason I publish the work here, to inspire people to use Lazarus/FreePascal to make programs for any Amiga-like-system, to show what is possible. Because, as it seems, I'm still the only one really using it.

    Perhaps sharing sample code might inspire developer to play around with it more seriously.
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