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    Thanks for your comments, but I'm not sure it will really become a (releaseable) program. In the end the most will use the Openstreetmap.org in Webbrowser, which I got as comment already: "Useless work, one can just use MorphOS Webbrowser".

    But for me it's more interrest in Image handling and networking/caching, (Networking I did before already with a torrent client for AROS from scratch) and to debug my LCL work.

    But also the program can be for use for me, for reading/showing/saving of KMZ and GPX waypoints and routes (recorded bicycle routes) would be more interresting for me than just plain search. So all this gui is more for debug. (the search input already accepts Lat. Lon. coordinates, separated by a space)

    And of course, and thats the only reason I publish the work here, to inspire people to use Lazarus/FreePascal to make programs for any Amiga-like-system, to show what is possible. Because, as it seems, I'm still the only one really using it.
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