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    @ bigfoot: wow, thanks for this detailed answer! When using Windows I don't have this problem of raising CPU time. The curve stays on the ground. So maybe Windows does it dirrently. Mouse is also connected through USB. Or it is because the i7 and integrated Intel graphics is much more powerful.

    I can only speculate since I don't know enough about how UI rendering works on Windows, and I believe that it very much depends on exactly which version of Windows you're using.

    So to speculate, I'd say that current versions of Windows keep window contents completely cached in video memory. This gives the advantage of not having to ask applications to rerender (parts of) their UI when moving windows around. On the other hand it has the disadvantage of consuming a lot more video memory. This is a trade-off that has started making sense with graphics cards getting 128MB and more of video memory.

    MorphOS can also keep window contents cached. However, this trade-off makes a bit less sense on a Mac Mini with 32 or 64MB of video memory, and you very easily run out of video memory in that case, which makes the performance really poor.
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