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    In case anyone else might need this, I've been setting up a debian-based MorphOS cross development server.

    Server access is currently only with SSH (should be enough).

    What it can do:
    -Use git, svn, wget, etc. to get sources to the system.
    -Compile native MorphOS binaries
    -Copy compiled binaries elsewhere with scp, ftp, etc.

    What it can not do:
    -Display any graphics
    -Run any MorphOS-native binaries

    So basically, if you don't have a MorphOS system, you can compile software with it, but you will have to rely on other users for testing.

    Ask me, if you need access.

    And in case anyone is wondering about this, no, I don't think it would be of any use for core MorphOS development, they already have much more powerful hardware dedicated to that. This is strictly for 3rd party development.

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