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    Daytona675x wrote:

    I'm thinking of "abusing" texture combiners to quickly work around the missing GL_FOG in TinyGL. However, before I start with that and probably run into issues, I wanted to ask about TinyGL's texture combiner support state.

    1. is GL_COMBINE supported in general?

    Yes. In fact, this is the only thing that's supported in the drivers. TinyGL converts legacy texenv modes into combiners before forwarding them to the driver.


    2. is GL_INTERPOLATE supported?

    Yes, and MorphOS 3.8 includes some fixes that previously made it misbehave in certain situations.


    3. is GL_CONSTANT supported (and consequently GL_TEXTURE_ENV_COLOR)?



    If this all is supported, is it supported for all 3D hardware?
    Or not until OS version xyz?

    It's supported for all 3D hardware that's currently supported by MorphOS/TinyGL, so R200-R500.

    If you run into any issues and you're quick enough to report them, they'll get fixed for the upcoming MorphOS 3.9 bugfix release.
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