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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > How about a new wish list for 4.0?

    Or 3.10? :-)

    > PCIe G5 support, acceleration for the Radeon HD cards, and removing the need
    > for Apple video card firmware so that we could use the HD cards on those G5s.

    Isn't the last point (removing the need for Apple video card firmware) what already happened?

    > Sounds far out?

    Absolutely not, as this is already possible on Linux as has been proven.

    As far as I know, all supported systems that can handle the Radeon HD cards support X86 roms.
    Frank's statement specifically mentions R500 cards, not the later cards.
    So no, at this time I am not sure that a Radeon HD card would work in a PCIe G5.
    It might seem that freeing us from the firmware requirement was a direct goal, as we have discussed this idea often enough.
    But it was primarily the result of bigfoot's request for a card that would work in his existing G5.
    Frank bought his own 1950XT.
    And I think the 4650 cards were supplied by Acube (but I could be wrong).
    At this point, they have REALLY pulled off some great work recently.
    G5 support, SAM460 support, R400 and R500 drivers, and the Radeon HD drivers (which I have no doubt will improve Over time).

    Now, if development of code outside Abox could start...
    Even if quark is only 32 bit, we could run some tasks in the upper 2GB of the 4GB range that that addition 1 bit would give us.
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