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    >> Nvidia -> no go
    >> Hypervisor -> no go
    >> Cell != SMP -> no go

    > Hey, why not

    The Nvidia and hypervisor restrictions you were already explained. Regarding SMP, as I said the dual-threaded PPE can be used with SMP but is probably not the best example to show its merits. Kronos probably refers to the fact that the Cell CPU as a whole (PPE+SPEs) is an asymmetric design, so the SPEs can't be used with SMP.

    >> Otter OS disabled on most units -> no go

    > can be reflashed

    To quote myself: Only on models the required firmware version was originally released for, which means pre-slim models.

    > Hypervisor is gogo

    The hypervisor itself does not prevent MorphOS from running, but it prevents full access to the RSX GPU by OtherOS (as already explained to you).

    > beside PS3 Cell is used only in supercomputers.

    It's also used in server blades, TV sets, video transcoding cards and probably several other things.

    > If it had Radeon and more RAM it would be a programmers wet dream and users cheapest fun.

    No, unless it also had no prevention of full GPU access by hypervisor and was still in production with OtherOS capability.
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