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    > GFX and CPU are great. [...] you get BlueRay, nice GFX, great great CPU

    If you say so...

    No, IBM sais so

    > with many SPUs ...

    MorphOS would have to implement support for them first. I doubt this would be worthwile given that such code wouldn't be usable on any other current or future MorphOS platform.

    I know, there are special SDKs to target Cell, but ... that would be step closer
    to something others dont have. I havent seen any other PPU CPU.

    > Maybe someone could somewhat add some RAM to the board?

    Such hacking would be no basis for undertaking a MorphOS port.

    And using Apples is? Cmon, Amiga stylee!

    > does MOS have virtual memory?

    In case you mean memory paging/swapping, the answer is no.

    Oh, one bad feature OS4 has. Run dem out!

    EDIT: Had to fix quote tags. Yet again...

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