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    Kronos wrote:
    Nvidia -> no go
    Hypervisor -> no go
    Cell != SMP -> no go
    Otter OS disabled on most units -> no go
    256MB -> only go to the next baker

    It's not a trick, it's a Sony -> absolute no go

    Hey, why not 1,2,3 ... 4 can be reflashed ... and 4 make a cut down version and use Vmem ... its a great platform and if it can run modern games, why not MOS?

    Hypervisor is gogo, and Cell is PPC32 compatibile.

    But OK, its hard work just for me, so no go.

    Anyway, beside PS3 Cell is used only in supercomputers.
    If it had Radeon and more RAM it would be a programmers wet dream
    and users cheapest fun.
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