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    >> The only SMP-relevant part in the Cell CPU is the dual-threaded PPE. That's not
    >> even two full cores, so there'd be better targets for implementing SMP.

    > Dont underestimate PPUs and check which and how great games exist.

    I'm well aware of what the PPE/PPU is capable of, and what it's not. The reasons such good PS3 games exist are the GPU and the SPEs/SPUs, not the PPE/PPU.

    > PPUs enable one unit for e.g. AI, other for textures and is a small super computer.

    You are confusing the SPEs/SPUs with the single (dual-threaded) Power Architecture PPE/PPU.

    > CELL is NOT out of production.

    ...but the OtherOS-capable PS3 models are.

    > you say PS3 is nothin

    No, I say PS3 is not suitable for MorphOS due to the reasons mentioned.

    > try making such affordable board even with 256MB RAM.

    I'm not a board designer, so surely won't try making any board, no matter the amount of RAM.
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