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    Get27 wrote:
    @pega-1 : It can have "no officialy / top secret" supported hardware that works. For example :

    Radeon 9500 pro are not listed but works (ok it's like Radeon 9700 but not the same name).

    On this grab (http://www.exception-dev.de/mos/g5gfxcard.png), GraphicBoards say "Radeon 9600 / X1050" so Radeon X1050 must works even if there are not listed too.

    Dev can forget a beta driver at release too :)

    So i'm happy to say that i'm a bit silly to test unsupported graphic card when new MorphOS release come out :)

    Yeah, my G5 came with a 9650 Pro and I wasn't expecting it to work so I was pleasantly surprised when it did. :)

    It's actually a worse performing card for 3D than the 9600XT, it just has more RAM and dual DVI outputs.

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