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    amigadave wrote:
    Does anyone else have MorphOS3.3 running on any of the R400 based Radeon video cards, in either a G4, or G5 PowerMac?

    Maybe everyone else has read http://www.morphos-team.net/hardware, especially the section where it lists the supported graphics cards ?


    .... or when we might be able to run MorphOS3.x in 2D only mode on any R400 Radeon video card?

    Didn't Mark already mention that he is bad at predicting the future ? :)

    So amigadave, as Jim might have told you already, he was so kind to send us both a genuine G5 X800 and reflashed FireGLX3 card to add support in the future. There is been some work ongoing, it might be supported in the future but don't expect us to leave R300 class drivers behind in favour of R400 support, this would just be plain silly considering the fact that a large amount of currently supported MorphOS systems still relies on R200/R300 class drivers.
    Adding R400 support to the current driver is possible with reasonable efforts but we should probably leave "X is already running X800 in his closet" and "Y is releasing R500 drivers in Q3/Q4 2014" style statements up to others ....
    It's done when you find it in our update notes :P

    And while many people already dislike the idea of buying a used system to run MorphOS, what do you think would be the reaction if we told anyone to get hold of a reflashed PC BIOS R4xx card just to use 3D acceleration at max speed ?

    Just my two cents and thanks for your attention ....
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