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    Too soon to know, but maybe the problem with the Radeon 9800 and G5 PowerMac models will disappear when we can move up another notch to the R400 series Radeon video cards. I already have an excellent R400 Radeon FireGL video card for my dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac, and would love to run MorphOS3.x on that combination. It works quite well running MacOSX 10.5.8, and I will soon also test it running a couple different flavors of Linux PPC.

    If even just 2D support could be completed for the R400 series cards, I would be satisfied for a year or two while waiting for 3D support to be completed.

    Mark, can you tell us if any work has been started (or completed) regarding 2D support for any R400 Radeon cards, or when we might be able to run MorphOS3.x in 2D only mode on any R400 Radeon video card?

    I have already tried to install the earliest version of MorphOS3.2 on my dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac with my Radeon FireGL X3 video card, but did not see any video response, so gave up.

    Does anyone else have MorphOS3.3 running on any of the R400 based Radeon video cards, in either a G4, or G5 PowerMac?

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