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    Thanks for the in depth explanation Mark!

    And also for all the hard work that you do to make MorphOS the best it can be.

    It is open communications like the one you just posted that gives MorphOS users confidence that they have chosen the right OS to stick with, plus the obvious advantages MorphOS has over any other Amiga-Like operating system.

    I hope that we will see more announcements and explanations about MorphOS development in the future from you and all other MorphOS Dev. Team members.

    One question though, do you anticipate finding an even better solution to the problem with the Radeon 9800 graphics cards in the future, or is the current solution you are working on going to be the final path chosen to work around the apparent hardware problem found in 9800 series cards?

    Thanks again for your excellent explanation of what is going on with your development work.
    MorphOS - The best Next Gen Amiga choice.
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