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    To explain what I mean (see other thread):

    Screenshot taken from my 2.3GHz G5, MorphOS3.17. As you can see CPU2 is not really deactivated and doing something.
    Both CPUS are about 30sec after powering on PowerMac (MOS has booted complete) on ~30°C. Then CPU1 raises up more than CPU2.
    Difference is always about 15°C - 25°C


    And the situation after 20 min:


    and after 40min:


    But here you have to consider, without limitation temp to 65°C, CPU 1 goes up to 80-90°C and CPU 1 would have in that case about 70°C (diffference is on all temp-levels always nearly the same). Can see that also if you're looking at Fan-Speed - CPU1 works and CPU2 does something whatever else...

    2nd detail: As you can see backsidetemp (North Bridge) is on 65°C (limitid to 65°C by me - would go higher), while Northbridge temp on my other G5 with only 1 CPU/2,3GHz mounted, stops at maximum ~ 47°C (This machine is running since 3h)


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