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    bash64 wrote:
    If I disable and then pull one of the cpus will MOS get confused?
    Can I run with just one?

    Almost 5 years later, I finally made time to test my faulty dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac, with one of the two G5 CPU's removed from the system completely. It does not boot, or even appear to attempt the boot process.

    During this removal for testing, I did find what is wrong with my dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac, which prevents one of the two confirmed working G5 CPU's from showing up as working.(I have swapped them, and the same G5 unit numbers report working and non-working, when the G5 CPU modules are swapped) The motherboard socket for the upper G5 CPU has 2 or 3 pins that appear to have been bent over and perhaps burned away due to a short circuit, or broken off, due to multiple installation and removal attempts.

    Once I obtain some new "O"rings and replacement coolant liquid, I plan to re-assemble this dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac, install a demo copy of latest version of MorphOS available at that time, and then give it away as a raffle prize at this year's AmiWest Show. Since only one of the G5 CPU's is working and it is not worth the effort of trying to repair/replace the faulty G5 CPU socket, this G5 is only good for running MorphOS alone, and much less useful as a dual boot system, with any other OS which is SMP capable.
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