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    amigadave wrote:

    Acill wrote:
    The machine will not boot without both of them physically installed.

    That is strange, as I have a damaged Dual 2.5GHz G5 PowerMac that only reports one of the two installed G5 CPU's as working, and when I swap them for each other, it still reports the same unit number as working. So, this leads me to believe that the fault is with the motherboard, not either of the G5 CPU modules. It has no problem in booting MacOSX with just the one G5 CPU module being reported as working, so I wonder why the PowerMac won't boot if one of the two G5's is removed from the system?

    Have you tried resetting the nvram?

    Hold Cmd-Opt-P-R and power on, keep the keys held down until you hear the boot chime for the second time.
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