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    SoundSquare wrote:

    However..... When I check the CPU count in OSX it shows only one CPU but when I check the count with MorphOS it shows two CPU's still.

    I suspect this is because it is passing the boot argument to the OSX kernel rather than disabling it for any OS that is installed.

    I'd rather try to boot a linux liveCD and check if linux sees 1 or 2 cpus. Maybe it's just that MorphOS reports the cpu model and not the current state of it ?

    Good idea, I'll try it later tonight unless someone beats me to it.

    If MOS is only reporting the CPU model then disabling the 2nd CPU has not made a difference to the temperature. Though thinking about it logically this makes sense as it isn't being used by MorphOS even when enabled so it won't be drawing much electricity nor generating much heat.
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