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    And could you please tell how to do that properly? What tools are needed and can it be done by itself?

    Thanks in advance for help.

    I heard and saw what is required to do it, which convinced me that - if I would own a G5 with liquid cooling - I would leave that to experts.

    It is not only about the knowledge. I guess everybody can remove an reattach such cooling, when he takes his time. It is more the detail work and the tools you need.

    Basic plumber skills come in handy. You need to know a way to get any air from the system. All connections must be clean and fit perfect. The pipes need to be cleaned from the inside. The cpu mounted cooler need to be cleaned from the inside. You need proper material to seal everything, cooling paste and finally you need specific software to calibrate the system again. Well, this also implies that you had a custom made wrench to reach the places to unmount the entire stuff in the first place.

    Same btw goes for the air cooled system. If you remove a broken fan, just replacing it will not helpl. Without running a proper recalibration the system will run the other fans still at maximum speed.

    After hearing about what it takes to do it right, I would hand over the system to someone who knows what he is doing and at least did that a few times with his own systems. I am unable to do it myself.

    If someone thinks he is qualified, because he dismantled and rebuild a PowerMac G4 from scratch, then he is totally wrong. The G5 systems are not only speed wise playing in another league.


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