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    Well, MPlayer can't play MP4 files at full speed with 100% load, but when playing avi file, with even higher bitrate, the replay is smooth at about 30-40% load, ofcourse i am talking about 1080p videos :)

    And top temperature was about 88 degs, and the machine (2xG5/2.5) wass still pretty quiet. Well, i can't hear it at all, when my 2xG4/1.8 is on :)



    Doffo wrote:
    My Passive cooled 2.7ghz is at 86.4C when I do nothing, but when I put it under 100% load by playing a 1080P video (Which btw it can't do smoothly if you were wondering.) and it never went over 88.9c. Fans stay quiet and spin up very little.

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