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    geit schrieb:

    o about 58C and then sometimes jumps to 75C in a second. fan is spinning and it quickly jumps back to 58C or whatever the last shown temp before the jump to 75C was.

    Well, first of all the temperature is updated in intervals, so you will not see any slow movement.

    Secondly you seem to have no idea how much heat a cpu can create within a second. If you take a cpu without any cooling, put your finger on the cpu and turn the computer on for a second, your finger is most likly burned.


    I am not really that clueless abot semiconductors as you may assume and know pretty well how hot a cpu can get . The funny thing is that the jump between 58C and 75C is w/o a step inbetween while it takes a while to cool down even a _single_ more degree. As much as I know about thermodynamics and current I think I would expect an exponential function, but acually I observed a step function between 58C & 75C and from and till 58C again the function is exponential as expected.

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