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    Unfortunately on my setup, network transfer are painfully slow (max 300kB/s when downloading an ISO, however this is an occasional spike - network sits idle for several seconds at a time).
    Are there any settings/env-variables which could be tweaked? Disabling auto-negotiation might be useful (since both router and card are 108mbps capable, I wonder if this could be causing issues).

    Problem seemingly solved: disabling 108mps auto-negotiation (setting to standard 'G' mode only) on the router seems to have solved the issue. I've tried re-enabling and disabling 108mbps mode and it is definitely not happy with the 108mbps setting.

    Excellent speeds so far- limited only by internet connection speed when browsing/downloading (haven't tested LAN speed yet).

    Thanks to Neil Cafferkey and everyone involved, much more convenient than that damn wireless dongle hanging off the Lan port!

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