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    Testing on Powerbook 5,6 with WPN511 Netgear Rangemax (connecting to Netgear router ~3m away).

    Configuration is simple, although I use static IPs and haven't tested DHCP yet.

    Unfortunately on my setup, network transfer are painfully slow (max 300kB/s when downloading an ISO, however this is an occasional spike - network sits idle for several seconds at a time).
    Are there any settings/env-variables which could be tweaked? Disabling auto-negotiation might be useful (since both router and card are 108mbps capable, I wonder if this could be causing issues).
    [EDIT: problem solved, see seperate post below]

    Report on how well other cards are working would be most welcome.

    Other points of note:
    1) WLan card must be plugged in before booting - doesn't appear to support card swapping.
    2) If incorrect password for network is entered, wireless driver seems to enter infinite loop - requires reboot to re-enter password.
    3) A title above the list of SSIDs in Network prefs would be welcome (eg 'Available Wireless Networks'). It currently just presents the list of SSIDs without stating what they are. Obvious once you've been through it, but gave me a 'wtf? moment' the first time.

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