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    For me that is quite easy. I don´t like to adapt my workflow into a static frame dictated by software.

    E.g. on windows everyone knows you cannot move the main window once a file requester is opened. Or a video rendering application opens a small progress bar, which states 2 hours done, 4 to go, but you cannot use the system, because the fullhd sized main window is blocking the entire screen and pops in frequently.

    With MorphOS I have the opportunity to deal with that quite easy. First of all. Such things like mentioned above are easy to avoid or don´t even happen, unless someone spend a lot of time to create annoying features.

    Also the system is quite open, so I can configure most stuff as I like and want it. If some application is not working like expected, or things can be simplified, I can contact the developer in person and make suggestions. Try contacting m$ to add some option to IE. :D

    On other systems like Windows and OSX I often feel limited. On MorphOS I don´t feel that way unless I need software which does not exist, but in that case I launch rdesktop and get the best of both worlds.

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