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    I think, the lack of (A)SMP is not the biggest problem on MOS!

    I guess this depends on the people you ask. I think there are more important issues like a proper word processor and other applications.

    Speed is not an issue for me. I still use the good old Pegasos G4 with 1Ghz, even if I could use several much faster MorphOS systems sleeping around in storage here.

    SMP, memory protection, 64Bit support, virtual memory will come with a price. Loosing the compatibly to all thirdparty PPC and all 68K applications, which arenĀ“t in development anymore. It also will split the user/market once again. So a step like this should be made wise and preferable only once. And that is the point, where MorphOS swaps hardware. Such opportunity must also be used to drop insane and old crap the OS is filled with to keep it compatible with old Amiga and the old AmigaAPI simply is stupid in many ways.

    In the result we would get a totally incompatible MorphOS system that is as fast as possible, shiny and clean for the future, but has no applications beside the ones provided by MorphOS developers itself.

    To get there it would/will take years of development and testing. That is nothing one will do within a few months. Also keep in mind that parallel to cleanup and feature extension a complete new platform needs to be supported, which mostly alone takes a year at minimum as you all know from experience.

    After all that work, you would have support for one board (probably some by then old x86 Mac) and nothing more and people will start screaming for more hardware to support, which somehow sounds familar.


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