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    > That's why I was thinking you were alluding to MorphOS on the Sam460ex rather than to OS4 :-)

    Well, let us hope that they will not make us use PCI video cards with that board.

    Frank did tease us once mentioning X600 drivers in regard to (I think) iMac.

    I'm just an optimist.

    X600 would probably be easy.
    There are R400 cards that work in that slot (so a driver could work on both G5 Macs and the SAM460), but these are not that cheap.
    A cheap R500 card like the X1300 would cost no more then an X600 and perform better.
    Also, most are passively cooled (as is the rest of the SAM460).

    But I'd be willing to buy whatever is supported by both OS'.

    We will have to wait to see what graphics cards hey support for this system. ;)
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