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    Are there any pics?

    I started with much more tedious tasks, like matching the pinouts between ATI and Uli Southbridge components (and noting required glue circuit changes) and making changes to Freescale schematics.
    What I've got primarily are a ridiculous amount of written notes and few schematics (which after several months work still are not complete), and they beginning entries into some layout software.

    And, it would have been much easier if I had access to some of the layout and design packages Freescale had used. It didn't occur to me to make an inquiry till a couple months into this, but I think it would have been possible to negotiate access to Freescale's layous.

    In a way, Freescale is very much like Motorola.
    They offer assistance and support with a lot less complication and qualification then their competitors.
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