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    Jim wrote:,

    ........ And it did help that Paul was discouraging use of the PA6T in favor of the Qorlq family (something you've pointed me to repeatedly).

    I wonder why the people responsible for making the design decisions for the final X1000 motherboard design ignored Paul's advice to stay away from the PA6T and look at using one of the QorIQ chips instead? Perhaps the only reason was because using one of the QorIQ chips would have meant giving up PCIe lanes and also meant further delays in completing the X1000 project.

    What ever the reasons for staying with the PA6T, I am glad that I ordered and received my X1000 when I did, as there will most likely not be any more of them produced, and I don't know how long it will take A-Eon to complete the design, production of beta boards, and the beta testing of their next system(s), which are planned as replacement systems for the X1000 design.
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