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    Thank you so much. I went step by step through your instructions. But I think I still have a configuration problem.

    Under devices I know have the "USB to LAN Converter". Bindings = pegasus class, but under class there is a question mark (white on blue).

    And when I doubleclick the device there is another information:

    Num = 0/0
    Name = interface 0
    Class = exclamation mark (whitw on red) (None)
    Sub = 0
    Proto = 0
    EPs = 3
    Binding = None

    Is this correct? I don't get a connection.

    The same question mark & information is displayed on mine, but it is working ok.
    In the Network settings, you may want to disable eth0 (the sungem device) by unchecking the box.

    I would also recommend setting a static IP address for the eth1, at least whilst you get it working. It just rules out the possibility of DHCP being the problem.


    btw: Is it correct that I can't even ping localhost ( under MOS, as this is possible under windows??

    No, that's weird. In Network settings, there should now be 3 entries: eth0 (sungem), eth1 (pegasus) and loopback (internal). Ensure that both eth1 and loopback are enabled (check the boxes).

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