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    You're Welcome.

    Believe me or not, I just installed the latest mophos version yesterday (haven't fired up the macmini for a long time), then....no network, although there is some activity since the link is up.

    So I started to suspect a poor quality of the ethernet chip/connector.

    So I just have plugged an autoconfig switch to my router (an old netgear), then plugged to the macmini....nothing better.

    Then I configured a cisco switch to replace the netgear and....no problem so far.

    Maybe, if the signal is not powered enough the macmini just cannot make the link to work properly...and a cisco was a solution for me.

    Although it's far less exansive to add a network card than buy a cisco switch;) - That was just because I had that in stock;)

    If you had a chance to test the network with a good switch (don't buy one just to please me), I'll be interested to know if it solved the problem....taht may ba also a resistor who is in bad state, but that was funny to sudently have the exact same problem as you:!:!
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