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    boot_wb, you are the man(does this really sound cool in english? for me as a german it does)!!!

    Aw, shucks. :blush
    The forums are a good place to ask questions; most people are pretty helpful - it's a good community.


    I ordered an adapter yesterday. It's not the Belkin, but I hope it will work...

    It will depend on the chipset used in the adapter. The Belkin one uses the pegasus chipset, and is pretty cheap (and considered a reliable brand). I believe there are other chipsets supported (Davicom, ASIX, Moschip MCS7830, possibly others through ethwrap) but I don't have a list of supported makes/models (perhaps Andreas_Wolf will be kind enough to supply a link. :-)


    The testing will go on. Thank you very, very much!!!

    You're welcome, I hope it magically starts working again.
    (fwiw it seems as if the system still recognises the onboard ethernet chip, so it's probably just a mechanical/connectivity failure, or passive component burnt out. The resulting good news is that it shouldn't affect your registration key (which is tied to the onboard ethernet MAC address).)



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