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    Have you got an OSX so you can check if on mac side it doesn't work as well?

    No, I have MOS only.


    - reboot the router
    - change network cable with one you're sure that works
    - changer router port
    - if nothing better, unplug each connected devices (any computer or switch, no active wifi link), this because you can have a conflict on the IP adress (says, your macmini have no dhcp or some other device like printer).
    - connect to the router (web interface or terminal), and try to see which devices are connected to the router

    also is there any switch behind the router? I saw some switches in autoconfig mode that have negiciated a bad network mask....

    hope this helps

    Hi Zouris, thank you very much for your detailed help. I did a reset on the router and tested with several network cables. Windows notebook and pc work in this configuration. No reaction on MOS. I tested with with the Mac mini as the only computer in the network. There is no switch behind the router. I tried dynamic and static IP with all settings.

    Up to now I have even disassasembled the Mac mini, which was a good thing, because there were no screws in the hdd and only one in the mainboard. "Used" hardware...

    Thank you too, boot_wb.

    Is there a way of directly adressing the ethernet port under MOS??? I think that I have to face the fact, that the ethernet port is broken. My personal nightmare.

    Is there a way to connct to a network without the ethernet port??? I need an alternative...

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