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    Hello Guys!

    Since yesterday I have a problem with my Mac mini ethernet connection which worked flawlessly before. I was using owb for hours and then suddenly I lost the connection ("couldn't resolve host name").

    Since then I

    1. tested the cable -> works on my windows notebook and pc
    2. booted from cd -> connection not working.
    3. checked the settings for a hundred times (MOS & Router).

    Maybe the ethernet port is damaged, but the router led shows connection when I plug in the cable!? I bought the Mac mini a few days ago for MorphOs and registered MorphOS three days ago. Without working internet connection it has no use to me. What more testing can I do? Is there another possibility to connect the Mac mini with the internet (maybe a usb to rj45 adapter)? Otherwise I burned a lot of money and will not be able to use MorphOS... :-(

    Please help me.
    Mac mini G4 Silent-Upgrade - MorphOS 3.2 registered
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