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    1.83GHz G4 MacMini is a fast over-clocking of the stock 1.5GHz G4. Have you taken any temperature readings before and after the over-clocking was done? Did you modify the cooling system for the G4 CPU in your MacMini to cope with increased heat caused by the over-clocking? Have you noticed any stability problems with your over-clocked G4 MacMini?

    I have a 1.5GHz MacMini and will comsider over-clocking it, if it remains stable and cool enough so I can be sure that the over-clocking is not shortening the life span of my G4 MacMini too much due to increased heat production and lack of cooling capacity.

    Edit: Like the original poster in this thread, I also had a problem with the MorphOS3.0 image I downloaded from the Mirror Site and had to download a second MorphOS3.0 image from the primary site and burn a second CD, which was successful in booting from and updating my MorphOS installation on my MacMini. The first MorphOS3.0 CD booted okay, but it could not complete the process of updating my MorphOS2.7 install and it froze, or stopped copying files at about the 9700kb mark.

    I am not sure if my download was to blame, or if perhaps there is a problem with the MorphOS3.0 iso on the Mirror Site?

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