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    > Untill someone does some Book-E spec FPU emulator for P10xx series

    Emulating standard Book-E/PowerISA FPU on e500v2 might be hard (or impossible even?) as this is not simply about missing instructions here but about instruction overlappings, i.e. same instructions doing different things on different cores. This seems similar to m68k vs. ColdFire. For an exhaustive and detailed comparison of the programming models of e500v2 vs. e600, refer to:


    Btw, even the (ex-)maintainer of Debian for PowerPCSPE calls it a "braindead FPU design":


    >> newer Applied Micro chips with PPC464FP or PPC465 core are much cheaper

    > Meaning APM86290 and APM86190?

    Yes, my statement was mainly about the Mamba chips (PPC465 core), but also APM82181 (PPC464FP core, although with only one single PCIe x1 interface and no PCI that SoC would probably not be satisfying).

    > I once read very low price estimates on some early press info.
    > (below 30 eur in high volume, IIRC)

    I guess you might be confusing this with the APM821xx announcement from some months before:

    "Limited sample quantities of the APM821xx family are available at less than $20 for quantities of 10,000 pieces."

    AFAIR, nothing of that kind was ever announced for the APM86x90 chips.

    > are those available yet? I have not seen those being sold yet.
    > Perhaps you have a link to the price & availability info?

    "Avnet is quoting $77 for the single-core APM86190-1200 and $120 for the dual-core APM86290-1200 for qty 120."

    I just had a look at Avnet and saw that APM86x90 chips (still only available up to 1.2 GHz) became cheaper since that statement quoted above was made:

    1.2 GHz APM86190 at qty of 120: 58...64 USD
    1.2 GHz APM86290 at qty of 120: 87...96 USD
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