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    And I think you overestime the targetmarket, A3000 and A4000.

    ...and of those who still actively use these kind of machines, I think it's reasonable to assume that many *already have* 68k accelerators faster than this one (i.e. 68060 or 68040 > 33MHz), those who needs USB already got it, same with network and HDD/CD. Had it come with a 68060 @ 100MHz it would offer a reason to bother, but as it is now, I think it could be a downgrade for most people. And when the PPC used in this can't run existing Amiga/MorphOS PPC code, it kind of tips it over the edge to redundancy.

    I agree with Zylesea, a 8610 would have been a much better start:
    * Up to 1333 MHz performance and 3060 MIPS
    * DDR/DDR2 SDRAM memory cotroller @ 533 MHz (1066DDR)
    * Altivec (possibly the fastest implementation on any "G4" from what I heard)
    * Integrated 2D display controller supports up to SXGA 1280 x 1024 resolution and 24 bits per pixel (See it play 1080p streaming video, discussion about it here)
    * It has PCI-e, PCI2.2, and many other I/O interfaces that probably could be glued to the Amiga CPU slot

    * SATA, USB, high speed network, audio, modern GFX cards, would be easy
    to obtain, either through PCI/PCI-e expansion slots, on board controllers, a mixture of them both, or through the use of a southbridge. Think of these HW specs, but in a shape and form that suits A3000/A4000 layouts.

    * Skip the 68k CPU entirely, it only adds cost and complexity. Instead, handle it all on the PPC side. Make a 68k->PPC JIT translator, like Trance in MorphOS; its 68k performance is incredible. Store it in some ROM on the board, and let this "CPU" run the 68k show from moment of powering the system up. All this with the PPC chip completely transparent from the 68k side. Classic environments has no need, nor any want, for PPC OS's anyway (and Vice Versa of course).

    Then we are talking *serios* accelerator boards, worthy of the name "UltimatePPC"! Of course, making a 68k JIT like Trance takes its programmer, as well as a couple of years perhaps.

    And of course, none of this will happen, just thinking out loud... :-)

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