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    There would need to be a compelling reason for someone to use this board and an original Amiga computer to run MorphOS3.x, instead of a cheaper faster solution, such as a 1GHz, or faster G4 PowerMac, or G4 MacMini, or soon the G4 PowerBook's that will be supported with the next release of MorphOS.

    The integration of the onboard Amiga Custom Chipset for example and the way it is implemented would have a lot to do with how successful it would be, or not. From past experience with the Phase5 boards that had both 680x0 and PPC CPU's on them and the slow context switching that caused such a performance penalty, that as good (no, make that great) as those boards and software were and still are, they are no match for what has already replaced them.

    I am not opposed to the project and admire the effort, but they would need to be a huge improvement above and beyond what is already available to create new interest and sales of these boards, instead of just using an A4000 for 680x0 software and MorphOS2.7 (or OS4.x if that is your preference) for PPC Amiga software.
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