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    The board seems to a rather complete ppc board + a 68k Amiga expansion board. The 68k part should use the peripherals of the P1013.
    As far as I understand the ppc board operates rather individually (dunno whether the attached A3/4k will be visible to the ppc board at all). That makes that board a small ppc board. Which generally is interesting for MorphOS. But the e500V2 core is yet not supported by MorphOS as aren't the rest of the SoC compounds and the onboard gfx chip.
    To support that board a lot of new drivers would be requireded. Rather doubt that effort would be worth the benefit. I mean (no disrespect, just a reality check) how long does/did it take to support Efika, Mac mini, Powermac or Powerbook? Resources are limited, better spend them on more promising stuff (G5, e6500 based devices or ISA switch).

    I don't think this board is high on the MorphOS priority list, but one should keep it on radar and look where thet project actually wil go to.

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