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    dekanyz wrote:,

    It is just a gambling: Putting a huge work to the porting to have the chance of joining some new talented guys.
    And don't forget: MOS is not free (agains Linux, which is more advanced; AROS, which is also an Amiga like system).

    I think we agree on more things than we disagree about anything. I also don't think we need any more different platforms to be supported at this moment in time, and that more software is the most important thing, but this discussion was about the Raspberry Pi and how it might benefit the MorphOS community. There has been lots of discussion regarding porting MorphOS3.x to the ARM architecture, or should we instead focus on porting to the x86/x64 architecture. It sounds like you agree with me that more software is more important now than more ports to different hardware.

    That being said, I am very happy to see that the port to G5 PowerMac's is happening, because I want the increased speed, and I have a dual 2.7GHz G5 PowerMac tower here waiting for the port to be completed.


    A MOS like system only could be inviting, when there are many great apps for the most common areas of usual computer usage. Unfortunatelly, MOS has many white areas yet. So, I'd be far much more happy with new apps, than having a new plattform.

    I think that MorphOS3.x ported to the Raspberry Pi could be interesting to a few computer programmers/enthusiasts that are owners of the Raspberry Pi, but only if such a port proved to run faster and better than the existing Linux ports currently running on the Raspberry Pi (plus the other requirements we have both already discussed in this thread).


    I think, the 'Trying to have someone who will do the work' is a bad approach.
    What I'm saying is our community is quite small, but... the headcount is over 1000. If everybody pick up a small 'task' then there could be more small tools, etc. created. A (pro)active community could be also a very positive thing.

    Not sure how you figured out that we have more than 1,000 users in our community, as my own guesstimate is closer to 750 to 850, with most registered users owning 2 to 3 registered/licensed MorphOS3.x compatible computers, and some of us own more than 3 registered/licensed MorphOS3.x computers, while some only have 1. You may be closer to being correct than I am with my guess, or we might both be way off, but it does not matter. What matters is what each of us does to help advance MorphOS3.x into the future.

    I do like your thinking that the community would benefit if more of the users were more involved in doing what ever they could to help out with small programming tasks to fill the missing tools needed to expedite more software production in the future. I am trying to teach myself how to program, but admit that it will be years (if ever) before I consider myself productive enough at programming to be an asset to the community. Until then, I will continue to promote MorphOS3.x when ever I get the chance, and support the existing Team and third party programmers in any way I can.
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