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    Sort of the Chicken and Egg conundrum, as which must come first.



    If we can get lucky and find 2 or 3 new great programmers from the increased exposure we could get by porting to the Raspberry Pi (or any other means), it could be a great asset to our community one or two years down the road, if those programmers take a liking to MorphOS3.x and decide to stick with us and become active developers in our community.

    It is just a gambling: Putting a huge work to the porting to have the chance of joining some new talented guys.
    And don't forget: MOS is not free (agains Linux, which is more advanced; AROS, which is also an Amiga like system).
    A MOS like system only could be inviting, when there are many great apps for the most common areas of usual computer usage. Unfortunatelly, MOS has many white areas yet. So, I'd be far much more happy with new apps, than having a new plattform.

    I think, the 'Trying to have someone who will do the work' is a bad approach.
    What I'm saying is our community is quite small, but... the headcount is over 1000. If everybody pick up a small 'task' then there could be more small tools, etc. created. A (pro)active community could be also a very positive thing. ;-)
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