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    Hasn't anyone else looked at minator's A9 device?
    Looks pretty neat.
    And it ought to run circles around the RPi.

    Well, it's not my device but even one of those cores should be 4x faster than the RPi.
    (The A9 is about 2x faster than the ARM11 at the same clock).

    However as AmigaDave points out the RPi has a big community and actually it's designed to get people into programming - that's why it was built in the first place.

    It's a relatively low performance device so I don't expect anyone to use it as a main desktop, it's more of a hobby thing. lack of memory protection and SMP wont be a problem.

    MorphOS could offer a friendlier front end than Linux and is likely to be rather less of a resource hog.

    Getting drivers could be problematic but this is going to be the same on any platform. Vendors are loathed to give out any specs, usually with good reason.
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