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    dekanyz WROTE:,

    Why do you want to make MOS more popular?
    I think, We - who used to have an Amiga computer in the past - find it interesting/fun to have an Amiga reincarnation OS.
    (OK, it has some advantages also over the others, but there are many drawbacks too.)
    I think, the most important thing is to increase the count of quality softwares for MOS.
    If there are many asskicking sw, there will be more users too.

    The answer to your question is in your own reply. More users makes it more likely that we will attract more programmers, to write more software for MorphOS3.x.

    It has always been debatable which needs to come first, more users to attract more programmers, or more programmers to write more software that will result in more users. Sort of the Chicken and Egg conundrum, as which must come first.

    I believe that some of those new Raspberry Pi users will also be programmers, so if we can grow the number of users and expand the amount of exposure for MorphOS3.x, we will in effect, at the same time, increase the number of programmers interested in writing new software, or porting old software to MorphOS3.x. Not huge numbers, but in our small community, we have seen that even one or two new programmers can make a difference. Just look at the amount of great work that has been done by just one or two of our experienced programmers (like Fab, Piru, and many others) who have written parts of the MorphOS itself, or given us great third party software like OWB/Odyssey.

    If we can get lucky and find 2 or 3 new great programmers from the increased exposure we could get by porting to the Raspberry Pi (or any other means), it could be a great asset to our community one or two years down the road, if those programmers take a liking to MorphOS3.x and decide to stick with us and become active developers in our community.

    That is why I am always trying to think of new ways to increase the number of users and programmers in the MorphOS community. ;-)
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