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    What can MorphOS offer RPi users that Linux can't?

    I agree... MOS lags behind the other modern OSs in many ways. MOS is not a reasonable choose against other OSs.

    Why do you want to make MOS more popular?
    I think, We - who used to have an Amiga computer in the past - find it interesting/fun to have an Amiga reincarnation OS.
    (OK, it has some advantages also over the others, but there are many drawbacks too.)
    I think, the most important thing is to increase the count of quality softwares for MOS.
    If there are many asskicking sw, there will be more users too.

    But, to reach this, we also shoud do something... Something more usefull, than discussing about the 'unclear future' of MOS. ;-)
    (A small tool, a translation, writing a document, backgrounds, icon sets, etc.)

    MOS developers are talented guys and we can let them to decide the question of architecture change!
    I'm sure, they will decide carefully.

    I am happy with MOS, and don't care with the others (who don't use MOS).
    This PowerBook is a nice computer, even if not the fastes one.
    It is fun to use an OS like this.
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